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Auzubillahi min-ash – Shaytani rrajim

Bismillahi ‘r-rahmani ‘r-rahim

Hamd be to Allahu ta’ala and Salam on His Chosen Servants, especially on the noblest of them, Habibullah Muhammad Mustafa (alaihi wa ahlihi wa Sahabihi ssalawatu wataslimat).

The Darus-Salam Nigeria is a Muslim body founded around the uniquely invaluable traditional publications of the Waqf Ikhlas floated by the exalted ‘alim and ‘arif and the wonder of the age, hadrat Hussayn Hilmi Effendi (rahmatullah alaihi).

Perusing the invaluable texts gave us the impetus to search for the books of great sages that made our religion so glorious in the past. Soon we came to know that being a muslim is possible only and only by taking to the path of tradition and its servants through the ages. It is for the preservation and sustenance of this exalted tradition of true Islamic superiors that the Darus-Salam Nigeria was raised.

Currently we focus publication of articles and mini-mag to raise the awareness of muslims to the imperativeness to live the tradition of Islam and embrace its resolute commitment to studiousness and purification of the inner.

We are also making contact with known traditional institutions in Africa and the world over for the purpose of studying and also for encouraging youngsters to learn in these institutions to ensure a bright future for the Ummah.

The Darus-Salam is wishing to work with any individual or organization with the same goals in focus. We pray that Allahu ta’ala increase the zeal and the strength of all those who are sincerely working for the preservation of the life-giving tradition of the best of mankind, Rasulullah Muhammad (alaihi’s-salam). For other details please Contact Us


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