The Call to Serve

Being the text of address delivered by the National Co-ordinator Darus-Salam Society, Nigeria at the opening session of the National Leadership Workshop, held in Katsina, between Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd July, 2007.

Bismillahi wa salatu wa salamu ala Rasulillah wa ‘ala jami’il ambiyai wal-mursalin wa ‘ala ahlihi wa Sahabihi ajmain, amin.

All Hamd be to Allahu ta’ala for the blessing of life and the light of guidance bestowed on us. His favours are innumerable and thanking Him for all is impossible. Indeed the ability to say the Hamd would require some other thankfulness, so we can never thank Him enough. May Allah U grant us the special honour of sacrificing our wealth, property and strength in His cause, may He enable us sacrifice our Dunya and Akhira for Him alone. May He favour us with the lots of thanking Him with our limbs, tongues, and hearts following the most perfect exemplar and the noblest of the grateful, Hadrat Rasulullah Muhammad Mustafa (alaihi wa alihi wa sahabihi salawatu wataslimah attamuha wa akmaluha).

It is my profound pleasure to welcome my brothers to this special leadership workshop and it is great honour standing here to present this short speech. Your being invited here is an acknowledgement of your love for this unique but embattled Deen and your readiness to further its cause. We are here to put heads together towards understanding our goal in life, our duties to our religion and the Ummah, and the way to be true flag bearers of this Deen of reality and Truth.

The Darus-Salam Society, Nigeria has for years being reaching out to the Muslims in the country through its publications. We felt it is time to pick the leaders among those who have shown interest in the focus of the Jama’at as a means of carrying the message of revival to the every Islamic groups and organizations and to every Muslim in our states, nations, the continent and the world at large.

Regularity in effect simply indicates the perfection of the cause. Thousands of people embracing the Darus-Salam publications should know something of the sources of this fledging revival story which will Insha-Allah take the light of pristine Islam to all the countries of Africa and the entire world.

The foundation of the Darus-Salam Society, Nigeria is the teaching of the noble inheritors of Rasulullah e Sunnah in their millions of books and even in their noble present today. After a very long search the brothers in this Jama’at have the special honour of being with the gems who are acknowledged as the Siddiq of the age and the Shaikul Islam of the age, Hadrat Zulfiqar Ahmad al-Habibi and Shaykh Murabit al-Hajj (Damat Barakatuhum) respectively.

In their honoured and exalted presence, the reality of Islam as a living Sunnah is distinguished from book knowledge and the depth of Fiqh is given priority over random quoting of Hadith ashSharif.

Safety is in the Sunnah and the call to serve is the call to embrace and reflect the Sunnah primarily in one’s life, one’s household and family and spreading the Sunnah to the entire nation.

It is time to wriggle out of the web of our enemies by emphasizing the greatness and sacredness of Islamic superiors y, to hold on to their sacred garbs as a link to our, pristine traditions giving up all personal interpretations and inclinations that negates the Truth they stood for.

We call you to become servants of the Ummah and not its masters. We call you to humble yourselves in order to raise our falling brothers and sisters and not to insult them or criticize them. To suffer in sincere sacrifice and services to our great Deen towards Allah’s U pleasure and not for worldly remunerations.

The deplorable state of the Ummah is never irredeemable. The journey to redemption must start now and we must commit all we have towards it seeking only the pleasure of Allah U and turning away from human appreciations or praises. As-Salam can serve as an introductory manual of life for every one of us. Let us try reflecting the exalted teachings therein and let it also be our primary manual of discourse. Insha-Allah plans are on the way to translate the As-Salam and other publications to local and international languages.

The Darus-Salam Society, Nigeria has lined up series of programs to prepare ourselves and our invited brothers for this great task. Workshops would come up Insha-Allah in Katsina and other states and local governments. The goal of all these is to raise youths who are well grounded in tradition Islamic teachings and who are highly desirous of the Hereafter to serve as bearers of Islamic banners across the nation and throughout the world.

An acceptable flag bearer of Islam is that personality who is sound in the pristine knowledge of Iman, and Ihsan. He never craves Dunya nor set up high aspirations for this world. His ultimate aspiration is the glory of the Ummah and the happiness of the Muslims. Such a gem should, according to the noblest Imam Hassan Basri t be ‘wise but soft-hearted, well dressed and restrained.’ Never extravagant nor in hurry to get results. He is charitable and compassionate to the poor.’ He does not assume the high grade of Ijtihad but follows the great Mujtihads in his ‘amal and what he teaches the Muslims. He sees all Muslims as brothers struggling to bring everyone to the middle course between the extremes in points of Aqidah, spiritualism and moral. He sticks to millions of ancient books of the early Muslim scholars y while closing his eyes to modern men of Arabic whose conclusions are always tending towards dissension, freedom and laxity in the religion. Such a sincere, humble and focused flag bearer does not just find faults with others while deeming himself a saint. He is indifferent to reviling, taunting and insults of the ignorant thus, on the whole, becomes a living example of Sunnah in appearance, tongues, mannerism and characters. A few of gems of those qualities are enough to change the destiny of this nation and indeed the whole continent and become successful where violence and swords have veiled.

This two day seminar is the starting point of producing the large hearted bearers of Islamic banners. We believe it is a task achievable with prayers and sincere efforts. The highest and most valuable endeavour in life is to become servants in the cause of Islam. This assignment is that of the most exalted people called Prophets u and whoever gives his life, money and children for the cause becomes sharers of their noblest rewards. We should think more of knowledge and moral revival instead of preaching war and destruction that have proved highly detrimental to our welfare.

The Holy Qur’an has stated clearly that there must be a group among us committed to reviving the Sunnah and keeping the Muslims awake to their duties to Allah U and His creatures. The Ummah is today, more than any other time, in dire need of those who can truly bear the burden of taken the Muslim back to what our noble ancestors y used to be.

With collective efforts and sincere studies of the past we can rise to become the dictators of the destiny of the whole world like our great ancestors y and not mere passengers in the spacecraft of the earth, trampled upon every where and herded like cattle despite our number. One of our great scholars y said that a freeborn requires just a nod while the slave requires serious beating. We are the Khalifas of Allah U on the earth and it is our duty to respond to the great assignments ahead of us with all our hearts. This is the only path to honours for those who want to be raised as true Khalifas on the day of Hisab. The alternative is to fall for Dunya and its attractions thus meriting the punishment of our exalted Owner and Creator, Allah U. Through the rank of His most perfect slaves whom He has sent as mercy on humanity, Habibullah Muhammad Mustafa, may Allah U make this workshop a turning point in our lives and that of the entire Ummah, amin. Wishing you all happy learning moments and deliberations.


Shehu AbdulQadr

Rajab 7th 1428 A.H

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