Peace with Allah and His Creation


By Faqir Abdulqadr An-Naqshbandi Mujaddidi

Released by 1433 H


Live your moments treating others well avoiding aggression. Should they oppress, then reply with kindness. You will never find a shorter route to happiness, temporal and eternal.

Our Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said in a Sahih Hadith:

He who recovers one of my forgotten sunnats will receive as many rewards as a hundred martyrs will receive.

The greatness of this deed – that is recovering and propagating of a forgotten sunnah – must be inferred from this Hadith. But, when doing this (great deed), there is an important caution to be observed. That is, while trying to recover one sunnat, one should not cause fitna (confusion, instigation, violence and separation and we should understand bid’as as communicated by the valuable books of the generality of the learned of our great past and never the isolated words of self righteous deviants); one goodness should not give birth to a variety of problems and evils, for we are in the latest time. We are in a century when Muslims are weak and forlorn.

My son! When fitna (violence, blood shedding, instigation and confusion) is wide spread and fasads (destruction and deaths) are abundant, it is time to repent and make Istighfar. You must keep aloof and not participate in fitna. Fitna is growing and spreading each day. Our beloved Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said:

As the Doomsday approaches, fitna will increase it will resemble the increase in darkness as night begins. Many who leave their homes in the morning as Muslims, will return home as kafirs in the evening. While they are Muslim in the evening , they will lose their belief (Iman)  during the night in places of amusement. During such times, to stay at home is better than being involved in fitna. Those who stay aloof are better than those who attack and lead in the front. On that day, break your arrows! Leave your weapons and swords! Address everybody with a smiling face and sweet words. Do not leave your homes.


In a Sahih Hadith, Rasulu-Karim and Habibbul rabbul ‘alamin Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa is reported to have said:

Towards the latter days of indiscriminate violence, be like the first and the better of the two sons of Adam who said, ‘If you raise your hand to kill me, I will not raise mine to kill you; surely I fear Allah, the Lord of the worlds.’



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Jumadal Ula 1433 A.H. / March 2012


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